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Ultrafast Dynamics in the NO2 molecule

In the framework of an international collaboration between NRC (Ottawa, Canada), the CELIA laboratory from Bordeaux, and the LCAR laboratory from Toulouse, the intricate ultrafast dynamics of the NO2 molecule have been elucidated. Indeed, conical intersections play a crucial role in the chemistry of most polyatomic molecules, ranging from the simplest bimolecular reactions to the photostability of DNA. The real-time study of the associated electronic dynamics poses a major challenge to (...)

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65+ MeV Protons from Short-Pulse-Laser Micro-Cone-Target Interactions

An international team of physicists, which includes scientists from the Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (FZD), Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of Reno, Sandia National Laboratory, University of Maryland (AOSS), University of Missouri and University of Bordeaux 1 (CELIA) has succeeded in accelerating protons to energies never before achieved with laser-particle acceleration. The record measurements were presented at the 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics (...)

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Nanocavities drilled by femtosecond lasers

Interaction of the ultrashort laser pulses with transparent dielectrics is a fast growing domain of material processing. Contrary to metals, where the laser interaction is localized in a narrow surface layer, dielectrics open a possibility of energy delivering inside the material so the interaction takes place in a confined geometry. This could have various applications such as hidden inscriptions, a high density information storage, optical switches, etc. In this work, we present the (...)

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Attosecond pump/probe spectroscopy

Shorter and shorter: Freezing the electron movements around the nucleus at the atomic time scale. Nous avons développé une technique originale permettant de moduler temporellement la polarisation d‘impulsions laser ultracourtes et ainsi de produire les flash lumineux ultraviolets attosecondes les plus courts jamais créés, de l’ordre de l’unité atomique de temps.

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2013 call for proposals: LOA-IRAMIS-CELIA

The 2013 (january to december) call for experimental proposals on the LOA-IRAMIS-CELIA (...)

Third time is a charm. LASERLAB-EUROPE prepares for its third phase.

LASERLAB-EUROPE, the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Infrastructures, prepares for its (...)

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