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Année 2016

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  • N. Varkentina, M. Dussauze, A. Royon, M. Ramme, Y. Petit, L. Canioni
    High repetition rate femtosecond laser irradiation of fused silica studied by Raman spectroscopy
    Optical Materials Express 6, 79 - 80 (2016)
  • M. Vangheluwe, Y. Petit, N. Marquestaut, A. Corcoran, E. Fargin, R. Vallée, T. Cardinal, L. Canioni
    Nanoparticle generation inside Ag-doped LBG glas by femtosecond laser irradiation
    Optical Materials Express 6, 743-748 (2016)
  • E. Smetanina, B. Chimier, Y. Petit, N. Varkentina, E. Fargin, L. Hirsch, T. Cardinal, L. Canioni, G. Duchateau
    Modeling of cluster organization in metal-doped oxide glasses irradiated by a train of femtosecond laser pulses
    Physical Review A 93, 013846 (2016)
  • X. Ribeyre, E. D’humieres, O. Jansen, S. Jequier, V. Tikhonchuk, M. Lobet
    Pair creation in collision of y-ray beams produced with high-intensity lasers
    Physical Review E 93, 013201 (2016)
  • P.E. Masson-Laborde, M.C. Monteil, V. Tassin, F. Philippe, P. Gauthier, A. Casner, S. Depierreux, C. Neuville, B. Villette, S. Laffite, P. Seytor, P. Fremerye, W. Seka, D. Teychenné, A. Debayle, D. Marion, P. Loiseau, M. Casanova
    Laser plasma interaction on rugby hohlraum on the Omega Laser Facility : Comparisons between cylinder, rugby, and elliptical hohlraums
    Physics of Plasmas 23, 022703 (2016)
  • D. J. Marion, A. Debayle, P. - E.Masson-Laborde, P. Loiseau, M. Casanova
    Modeling crossed-beam energy transfer for inertial confinement fusion
    Physic of Plasmas 23, 052705 (2016)
  • S. Guisset, S. Brull, B. Dubroca, E. D’Humieres, S. Karpov, I. Potapenko
    Asymptotic-Preserving scheme for the M1-Maxwell system in the quasi-neutral regime
    Communications in Computational Physics 19, 301-328 (2016)
  • S. Guisset, S. Brull, E. D’Humieres, B. Dubroca, V. Tikhonchuk
    Classical transport theory for the collisional electronic M1 model. Physica A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 446, Pages 182-194 (2016).
    Physica A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 446, 182 - 194 (2016)
  • F. Gobet, J. Caron, J. Bessieres, T. Bonnet, M.M. Aléonard, M. Antoine, P. Barberet, M. Comet, D. Denis-Petit, J.L. Feugeas, F. Hannachi, S. Hulin, G. Kantor, P. Nicolai, J. Santos, M. Tarisien, V. Tikhonchuk, M. Versteegen
    Experimental and Monte Carlo absolute characterization of a medical electron beam using a magnetic spectrometer
    Radiation Measurements 86, 16 - 23 (2016)
  • G. Georges, J. Breil, P.H. Maire
    A 3D GCL compatible cell-centered Lagrangian scheme for solving gas dynamics equations
    Journal of Computational Physics. 305, 921-941 (2016)
  • A. Galstyan, O. Chuluunbaatar, A. Hamido, Y. V. Popov, F. Mota-Furtado, P.F. O’Mahony, N. Janssens, F. Catoire, B. Piraux
    Reformulation of the strong-field approximation for light-matter interactions
    Physical Review A 93, 023422 (2016)
  • A. Ferré, H. Soifer, O. Pedatzur, C. Bourassin-Bouchet, B.D. Bruner, R. Canonge, F. Catoire, D. Descamps, B. Fabre, E. Mevel, S. Petit, N. Dudovich, Y. Mairesse
    Two-Dimensioan Frequency Resolved Optomolecular Gating of High-Order Harmonic Generation
    Physical Review Letters 116, 053002 (2016)
  • A. Colaitis, S. Hüller, D. Pesme, G. Duchateau, V. Tikhonchuk
    Crossed beam energy transfer : Assesment of the paraxial complex geometrical optics approach versus a time-dependent paraxial method to describe experimental results
    Physics of Plasmas 23, 032118 (2016)
  • S. N. Chen, T. Iwawaki, K. Morita, P. Antici, S.D. Baton, F. Filippi, H. Habara, M. Nakatsutsumi, P. Nicolai, W. Nazarov, C. Rousseaux, M. Starodubstev, K.A. Tanaka
    Density and temperature characterization of long-scale length, near-critical density controlled plasma produced from ultra-low density plastic foam
    Scientific Reports 6, 21495 (2016)
  • J. Caron, J.L. Feugeas, B. Dubroca, G. Kantor, C. Dejean, G. Birindelli, T. Pichard, P. Nicolai, E. d’Humières, M.Frank, V. Tikhonchuk
    Deterministic model for the transport of energetic particles : Application in electron radiotherapy
    Physica Medica 31, 912 - 921 (2016)
  • A. Cabasse, C. Hazera, L. Quintard, E. Cormier, S. Petit, E. Constant
    Collection and spectral control of high-order harmonics generated with a 50 W high-repetition rate Ytterbium femtosecond laser system
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 49, 085601 (2016)
  • H. Bachau, M. Dondera, V. Florescu
    Stimulated Compton scattering of soft X-ray radiation by hydrogen
    Journal of Modern Optics 63, 402 - 410 (2016)
  • H. Bachau, M. Dondera
    Stimulated Raman scattering in hydrogen by ultrashort laser pulse in the keV regime
    EuroPhysics Letters 114, 23001 (2016)
  • L.U. Ancarani, H. Join
    Efficient technique to evaluate the Lindhard dielectric function
    The European Physical Journal Plus 131, 114 (2016)