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Année 2014

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  • F.R. Wagner, G. Duchateau, J-Y. Natoli, H. Akhouayri, M. Commandré
    Catastrophic nanosecond laser induced damage in the bulk of potassium titanyl phosphate crystals
    Journal of Applied Physics 115, 243102 (2014)
  • B. Vauzour, A. Debayle, X. Vaisseau, S. Hulin, H.-P. Schlenvoigt, D. Batani, S. D. Baton, J. J. Honrubia, Ph. Nicolai, F. N. Beg, R. Benocci, S. Chawla, M. Coury, F. Dorchies, C. Fourment, E. d’Humieres, L. C. Jarrot, P. McKenna, Y. J. Rhee, V. T. Tikhonchuk, L. Volpe, V. Yahia, J. J. Santos
    Unraveling resistive versus collisional contributions to relativistic electron beam stopping power in cold-solid and in warm-dense plasmas
    Physics of Plasmas 21, 033101 (2014)
  • M. Touati, J-L. Feugeas, P. Nicolai, J. Santos, L. Gremillet, V. Tikhonchuk
    A reduced model for relativistic electron beam transport in solids and dense plasma
    New Journal of Physics 16, 073014 (2014)
  • I. Thfoin, C. Reverdin, S. Hulin, C.I. Szabo, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, D. Batani, E. Brambrink, M. Koenig, A. Duval, X. Leboeuf, L. Lecherbourg, B. Rossé, A. Morace, J. Santos, X. Vaisseau, C. Fourment, L. Giuffrida, M. Nakatsutsumi
    Monte-Carlo simulation of noise in hard X-ray Transmission Crystal Spectrometers : Identification of contributors to the background noise and shielding optimization
    Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 11D615 (2014)
  • S. Strelkov, E. Mevel, E. Constant
    Short pulse carrier-envelope phase absolute single-shot measurement by photoionization of gazes with a guided laser beam
    Optics Express 22, 6239 (2014)
  • D. Staedter, N. Thire, E. Baynard, P. Samartzis, V. Blanchet
    268 nm photodissociation of ClN3 : a femtosecond velocity-map imaging study
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16, 540-549 (2014)
  • A.S. Simonsen, H. Bachau, M. Forre
    Two-photon double ionization of metastable 1,3S 1s2s helium
    Physical Review A 89, 043427 (2014)
  • A.S. Simonsen, H. Bachau, M. Forre
    Laser-induced breakup of helium 3S 1S2S with intermediate doubly exited states
    Physical Review A 89, 021405 (2014)
  • A.E. Shumack, J. Rzadkiewicz, M. Chernyshova, K. Jakubowska, et al
    X-Ray crystal spectrometer upgrade for ITER-like wall experiments at JET
    Rev. Sci. Instruments 85, 11E425 (2014)
  • P. Sévillano, P. Georges, F. Druon, D. Descamps, E. Cormier
    32-fs Ker-lens mode-locked Yb:CaGaGdALO4 oscillator optically pumped by a bright fiber laser
    Optical Letters 39, 0146-9592/14/206001-04 (2014)
  • J. Rolle, L. Bergé, G. Duchateau, S. Skupin
    Filamentation of ultrashort laser pulses in silica glass and KDP crystals : A comparative study
    Physical Review A 90, 023834 (2014)
  • P. Norreys, D. Batani, S. Baton, F.N. Beg, R. Kodama, P.M. Nilson, P. Patel, F. Pérez, R.H.H. Scott, V. Tikhonchuk, W. Wei, J. Zhang
    fast electron energy transport in solid density and compressed plasma
    Nuclear Fusion 54, 054004 (2014)
  • M. Negro, H. Ruf, B. Fabre, F. Dorchies, M. Devetta, D. Staedter, C. Vozzi, Y. Mairesse, S. Stagira
    CO2 exploding cluster dynamics probed by XUV fluorescence
    New Journal of Physics 16, 073004 (2014)
  • B. M. Mirdan, L. Antonelli, D. Batani, R. Jafer, K. Jakubowska, et al
    Influenceof consecutive picosecond pulses at 532 nm wavelength on laser ablation of human teeth
    Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids Incorporating Plasma Science and Plasma Technology 169, 610 (2014)
  • A. Lar’Kin, D. Uryupina, K. Ivanov, A. Savel’ev, T. Bonnet, F. Gobet, F. Hannachi, M. Tarisien, M. Versteegen, K. Spohr, J. Breil, B. Chimier, F. Dorchies, C. Fourment, P.M. Leguay, V. Tikhonchuk
    Microjet formation and hard x-ray production from a liquid metal target irradiated by intense femtosecond laser pulses
    physics of Plasmas 21, 093103 (2014)
  • Ph. Korneev, E. d’Humières, V. Tikhonchuk
    Collisionless plasma interpenetration in a strong magnetic field for laboratory astrophysics experiments
    Physics of Plasmas 21, 022117 (2014)
  • R. Kammel, R. Ackermann, J. Thomas, J. Götte, S. Skupin, A. Tünnermann, S. Nolte
    Enhancing precision in fs-laser material processing by simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing
    Light : Science & Applications 3, 169 (2014)
  • H. Jouin, M. Raynaud, G. Duchateau, G. Geoffroy, A. Sadou, P. Martin
    Quantum-classical model for the surface plasmon enhanced photoemission process at metal surfaces
    Physical Review B 89, 195136 (2014)
  • P. Jojart, A. Borzsönyi, V. Soskov, F. Zomer, R. Chiche, E. Cormier, K. Osvay
    Carrier-envelope phase drift measurement of picosecond pulses by an all-linear-optical means
    Optical Letters 39, (2014)
  • M. Hohenberger, W. Theobald, S.X. Hu, K. S. Anderson, R. Betti, T.R. Boehly, A. Casner, D.E. Fratanduono, M. Lafon, D.D. Meyerhofer, R. Nora, X. Ribeyre, T.C. Sangster, G. Schurtz, W. Seka, C. Stoeckl, AB. Yaakobi
    Shock-ignition relevant experiments with planar targets on OMEGA
    Physics of Plasmas 21, 022702 (2014)
  • G. Geoffroy, G. Duchateau, N. Fedorov, P. Martin
    Influence of electron Coulomb explosion on photoelectron spectra of dielectrics irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
    Laser Physics 24, 086101 (2014)
  • J. Gaudin, C. Fourment, B.I. Cho, K. Engelhorn, E. Galtier, M. Harmand, P.M. Leguay, H.J. Lee, B. Nagler, M. Nakatsutsumi, C. Ozkan, M. Störmer, S. Toleikis, Th. Tschentscher, P.A. Heimann, F. Dorchies
    Towards simultaneous measurements of electronic and structural properties in ultra-fast x-ray free electron laser absorption spectroscopy experiments
    Scientific Reports 4, 4724 (2014)
  • C. Fourment, F. Deneuville, D. Descamps, F. Dorchies, S. Petit, O. Peyrusse
    Experimental determination of temperature-dependent electron-electron collision frequency in isochorically heated warm dense gold
    physical Review B 89, 161110 (2014)
  • A. Ferré, D. Staedter, F. Burgy, M. Dagan, D. Descamps, N. Dudovich, S. Petit, H. Soifer, V. Blanchet, Y. Mairesse
    High-order harmonic transient grating spectroscopy of SF6 MOLECULAR VIBRATIONS
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 47, 124023 (6pp) (2014)
  • G. Duchateau, M. D. Feit, S.G. Demos
    Transient material properties during defect-assisted laser breakdown in deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals
    Journal of Applied Physics 115, 103506 (2014)
  • G. Duchateau, A. Bourgeade
    Influence of time-dependent pulse spectrum on ionization and laser propagation in nonlinear optical materials
    Physical Review A 89, 053837 (2014)
  • A. Dubrouil, O. Hort, F. Catoire, D. Descamps, S. Petit, E. Mével, V. Strelkov, E. Constant
    Spatio-spectral structures in high-order harmonic beams generated with Terawatt 10-fs pulses
    Nature Communication 5:4637 DOI : 10.1038/ncomms5637, 5637 (2014)
  • J-L. Dubois, F. Laubrano-Lavaderci, D. Raffestin, J. Ribolzi, J. Gazave, A. Compant La Fontaine, E. D’Humières, S. Hulin, P. Nicolai, A. Poyé, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Target charging in short-pulse-laser-plasma experiments
    Physical Review A 89, 013102 (2014)
  • S. Driever, J-C. Delagnes, N. Fedorov, M. Arnold, D. Bigourd, F. Burgy, D. Descamps, E. Cormier, R. Guichard, E. Constant, A. Zaïr
    Near infrared few-cycle pulses for high harmonic generation
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 47, 204013 (2014)
  • M. Dondera, V. Florescu, H. Bachau
    Two-color ionization of hydrogen close to threshold with ke V photons
    Physical Review A 90, 033423 (2014)
  • B. Deschaud, O. Peyrusse, F.B. Rosmej
    Generalized atomic processes for interaction of intense femtosecond XUV - and X-ray radiation with solids
    A Letters Journal Exploring THE Frontiers of Physics (EPL) 108, (2014)
  • A. Denoeud, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, A. Ravasio, F. Dorchies, P.M. Leguay, J. Gaudin, F. Guyot, E. Brambrink, S. Le Page, S. Mazevet
    Metallization of Warm Dense SiO2 Studied by XANES Spectroscopy
    Physical Review Letters 113, 116404 (2014)
  • D. Denis-Petit, M. Comet, T. Bonnet, F. Hannachi, F. Gobet, M. Tarisien, M. Versteegen, G. Gosselin, V. Méot, P. Morel, J.Ch. Pain, F. Gilleron, A. Franck, V. Bagnoud, A. Blazevic, F. Dorchies, O. Peyrusse, W. Cayzac, M. Roth
    Identification of-ray spectra in the Na-like to O-like rubidium ions in the range of 3.8-7.3 A
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and RadiativeTransfer 148, 70-89 (2014)
  • A. Colaïtis, G. Duchateau, P. Nicolai, V. Tikhonchuk
    Towards modeling of nonlinear laser-plasmas interactions with hydrocodes : The thick-ray approach
    Physical Review A 89, 033101 (2014)
  • M. Chambonneau, R. Diaz, P. Grua, J-L. Rullier, G. Duchateau, J.-Y. Natoli, L. Lamaignère
    Origin of the damage ring pattern in fused silica induced by multiple longitudinal modes laser pulses
    Applied Physics Letters 104, (2014)
  • F. Catoire, R.E.F. Silva, P. Rivière, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Molecular resolvent-operator method : Electronic and nuclear dynamics in strong-field ionization
    Physical Review A 89, 023415 (2014)
  • F. Catoire, H. Bachau
    Study of He22+ dynamics induced by a strong IR field by means of the resolvent technique
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 47, 124028 (12pp) (2014)
  • A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, S. Mazevet, A. Ravasio, T. Vinci, A. Denoeud, M. Koenig, N. Amadou, E. Brambrink, F. Festa, A. Levy, M. Harmand, S. Brygoo, G. Huser, V. Recoules, J. Bouchet, G. Morard, F. Guyot, T. de Resseguier, K. Myanishi, N. Ozaki, F. Dorchies, J. Gaudin, P.M. Leguay, O. Peyrusse, O. Henry, D. Raffestin, S. Le Pape, R. Smith, R. Musella
    Progress in warm dense matter study with applications to planetology
    Physica Scripta T161, 014060 (2014)
  • P. Béjot, G. Karras, F. Billard, E. Hertz, B. Lavorel, E. Cormier, O. Faucher
    Harmonic Generation and Nonlinear Propagation : When Secondary Radiations Have primary Consaquences
    Physical Review Letters 112, 203902 (2014)
  • D. Batani, S. Baton, A. Casner, S. Depierreux, M. Hohenberger, O. Klimo, M. Koenig, C. Labaune, X. Ribeyre, C. Rousseaux, G. Schurtz, W. Theobald, V. Tikhonchuk
    physics issues for shock ignition
    Nuclear Fusion 54, 054009 (2014)
  • H. Bachau, M. Dondera, V. Florescu
    Stimulated Compton Scattering in Two-Color Ionization of Hydrogen with keV Electromagnetic Fields
    Physical Review Letters 112, 073001 (2014)
  • S. Atzeni, X. Ribeyre, G. Schurtz, A.J. Schmitt, B. Canaud, R. Betti, L.J. Perkins
    Shock ignition of thermonuclear fuel : priciples and modelling
    Nuclear Fusion 54, 054008 (2014)
  • A. Alverdiev, D.Batani, L. Antonelli, K. Jakubowska, R. Dezulian, et al
    Use of multilayer targets for achieving off-Hugoniot states
    Physical Review E 89, 053101 (2014)