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Année 2013

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  • C. Yanez, J. Sanz, M. Olazabal-Loumé
    Modeling hydrodynamic instabilities of double ablation fronts in inertial confinement fusion
    European Phys. J., Web of Conferences 59, 04008 (2013)
  • T. Yabuuchi, R. Mishra, C. McGuffey, B. Qiao, M. S. Wei H. Sawada, Y. Sentoku, T. Ma, D. P. Higginson, K. U. Akli, D. Batani, H. Chen, L. A. Gizzi, M. H. Key, A. J. Mackinnon H. S. McLean, P. A. Norreys, P. K. Patel, R. B. Stephens, Y. Ping, W. Theobald, C. Stoeckl, F. N. Beg
    Impact of extended preplasma on energy coupling in kilojoule energy relativistic laser interaction with cone wire targets relevant to fast ignition
    New Journal of Physics 15, 015020 (2013)
  • L. Volpe, D. Batani, A. Morace, J. J. Santos
    Collisional and collective effects in 2D model for fast-electron transport in refluxing regimes
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 013104 (2013)
  • L. Volpe, D. Batani, G. Birindelli, A. Morace, P. Carpeggiani, M. H. Xu, F. Liu, Y. Zhang, Z. Zhang, X. X. Lin, F. Liu, S. J. Wang, P. F. Zhu, L. M. Meng, Z. H. Wang, Y. T. Li, Z. M. Sheng, Z. Y. Wei, J. Zhang, J. Santos, C. Spindloe
    propagation of a short-pulse laser-driven electron beam in matter
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 033105 (2013)
  • A. Vaupel, N. Bodnar, B. Webb, L. Shah, M. Hemmer, E. Cormier, M. Richardson
    Hybrid master oscillator power amplifier system providing 10 mJ, 32 W, and 50 MW pulses for optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification pumping
    J. Opt. Soc AM. B 30, 3278 (2013)
  • A. Vallet, X. Ribeyre, V. T. Tikhonchuk
    Finite Mach number spherical shock wave, application to shock ignition
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 082702 (2013)
  • X. Urbain, N. de Ruette, V. M. Andrianarijaona, M. F. Martin, L. Fernandez Menchero, L. F. Errea, L. Méndez, I. Rabadan, B. Pons
    New Light Shed on Charge Transfer in Fundamental H+ + H2 Collisions
    Physical Review Letters 111, 203201 (2013)
  • S. Turck-Chièze, D. Gilles, M. Le Pennec, T. Blenski, F. Thais, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, C. Blancard, M. Busquet, T. Caillaud, J. Colgan, P. Cossé, F. Delahaye, J. E. Ducret, G. Faussurier, C.J. Fontes, F. Gilleron, J. Guzik , J. W. Harris, D. P. Kilcrease, G. Loisel, N. H. Magee, J. C. Pain, C. Reverdin, V. Silvert, B. Villette, C. J. Zeippen
    Radiative properties of stellar envelopes : Comparison of asteroseismic results to opacity calculations and measurements for iron and nickel
    High Energy Density Physics 9, (2013)
  • M. Trtica, D. Batani, R. Redaelli, J. Limpouch, V. Kmetik, J. Ciganovic, J. Stasic, B. Gakovic, M. Momcilovic
    Titanium surface modification using femtosecond laser with 1013–1015 W/cm2 intensity in vacuum
    Laser and Particle Beams 31, 29 (2013)
  • W. Theobald, A. Casner, R. Nora, X. Ribeyre, M. Lafon, K.S. Anderson, R. Betti, R.S. Craxton, J.A. Delettrez, J.A. Frenje, V. Yu. Glebov, O.V. Gotchev, M. Hohenberger, S.X. Hu, F.J. Marshall, R.L. McCrory, D.D. Meyerhofer, L.J. Perkins, T.C. Sangster, G. Schurtz, W. Seka, V.A. Smalyuk, C. Stoeckl, B. Yaakobi
    Progress in the shock-ignition inertial confinement fusion concept
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59, 03001 (2013)
  • F. Sylla, A. Flacco, S. Kahaly, M. Veltcheva, A. Lifschitz, V. Malka, E. d’Humieres, V. Tikhonchuk
    Short intense laser pulse collapse in near-critical plasma
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 , 085001 (2013)
  • J. Suarez, F. Guzman, B. Pons, L. F. Errea
    Excitation cross sections for Li3, Ne10+ and Ar18+ +H(1) collisions of interest in fusion plasma diagnostics
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 46, 095701 (2013)
  • R. Sobierajski, M. Jurek, J. Chalupsky, J. Krzywinski, T. Burian, S. Dastjani Farahani, V. Hajkova, M. Harmand, L. Juha, D. Klinger, R.A. Loch, C. Ozkan, J.B. Pelka, K. Sokolowski-Tinten, H. Sinn, S. Toleikis, K. Tiedtke, T. Tschentscher, H. Wabnitz, J. Gaudin
    Experimental set-up and procedures for the investigation of XUV free electron laser interactions with solids
    Journal of Instrumentation 8, 02010 (2013)
  • R.E.F. Silva, F. Catoire, P. Rivière, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Correlated Electron and Nuclear Dynamics in Strong Field Photoionization of H2+
    Physical Review Letters 110, 113001 (2013)
  • R. H. H. Scott, F. Perez, M. J. V Streeter, E. L. Clark, J. R. Davies, H-P. Schlenvoigt, J. Santos, S. Hulin, K.L. Lancaster, F. Dorchies, C. Fourment, B. Vauzour, A. A. Soloviev, S. Baton, S. J. Rose, P. A. Norreys
    Fast electron beam measurements from relativistically intense, frequency-doubled laser-solid interactions
    New Journal of Physics 15, 093021 (2013)
  • R. H. H. Scott, E. L. Clark, F. Pérez, M. J. V. Streeter, J. R. Davies, H.-P. Schlenvoigt, J. J. Santos, S. Hulin, K. L. Lancaster, S. D. Baton, S. J. Rose, P. A. Norreys
    Measuring fast electron spectra and laser absorption in relativistic laser-solid interactions using differential bremsstrahlung photon detectors
    REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 84, 083505 (2013) 84, 083505 (2013)
  • M. Schnurer, F. Abicht, P. Prasad, M. Borghesi, G. Priebe, J. Bränzel, A. Andreev, P.V. Nickles, S. Jequier, V. Tikhonchuk, S. Ter-Avetisyan
    Charge steering of laser plasma accelerated fast ions in a liquid spray - creation of MeV negative ion and neutral atom beams
    phys. Plasma 20, 113105 (2013)
  • J. Santos, D. Batani, S.D. Baton, F.N. Beg, T. Ceccotti, A. Debayle, F. Dorchies, J.L. Feugeas, C. Fourment, L. Gremillet, J. J. Honrubia, S. Hulin, A. Morace, P. Nicolai, F. Perez, H. Sawada, H.P. Schlenvoigt, V. Tikhonchuk, X. Vaisseau, B. Vauzour, M. Wei
    Supra-thermal electron beam stopping power and guiding in dense plasmas
    Journal of Plasma Physics 79, 429 (2013)
  • H. Ruf, C. Handschin, R. Cireasa, N. Thiré, A. Ferré, S. Petit, D. Descamps, E. Mevel, E. Constant, V. Blanchet, B. Fabre, Y. Mairesse
    Inhomogeneous High Harmonic Generation in Krypton Clusters
    Physical Review Letters 110, 083902 (2013)
  • R. Royon, J. Lhermite, L. Sarger, E. Cormier
    High power, continuous-wave ytterbium-doped fiber laser tunable from 976 to 1120 nm
    Optics Express 21, 13818-13823 (2013)
  • X. Ribeyre, V.T. Tikhonchuk, J. Breil, M. Lafon, A. Vallet, E. Le Bel
    Analytical criterion for shock ignition of fusion reaction in hot spot
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59, 03005 (2013)
  • X. Ribeyre, S. Gus’kov, J-L. Feugeas, Ph. Nicolaï, V. Tikhonchuk
    Dense plasma heating and Gbar shock formation by high intensity flux of energetic electrons
    Physic of Plasmas 20, 062705 (2013)
  • M. Prantil, E. Cormier, J. Dawson, D. Gibson, M. Messerly, C. Barty
    Widely tunable 11 GHz femtosecond fiber laser based on a nonmode-locked source
    Optical Letters 38, 3216 (2013)
  • P. Piecuch, J. Hansen, D. Staedter, S. Faure, V. Blanchet
    Communication : Existence of the doubly excited state that mediates the photoionization of azulene
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 201102 (2013)
  • O. Peyrusse, B. Deschaud, R. Rolles
    A superconfiguration approach to multi-electron ionization of Xe under strong x-ray irradiation
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 47, 011001 (2013)
  • M. Passoni, C. Perego, A. Sgattoni, D. Batani
    Advances in Target Normal Sheath Acceleration theory
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 060701 (2013)
  • S. Paleari, D. Batani, T. Vinci, R. Benocci, K. Shigemori, Y. Hironaka, T. Kadomo, A. Shiroshita, P. Piseri, S. Bellucci, A. Mangione, A. Aliverdiev
    A new target design for laser shock-compression studies of carbon reflectivity in the megabar regime
    European Journal of Physics D 67, 136 (2013)
  • M. Olazabal-Loumé, Ph. Nicolaï, G. Riazuelo, M. Grech, J. Breil, S. Fujioka, A. Sunahara, N. Borisenko, V. Tikhonchuk
    Simulations on laser imprint reduction using underdense foams and its consequences on the hydrodynamic instability growth
    New Journ. Phys. 15, 085033 (2013)
  • M. Olazabal-Loumé, L. Masse
    Numerical and theoretical analysis of anisotropic diffusion effect on ICF hydrodynamic instabilities
    European Phys. J., Web of Conferences 59, 04006 (2013)
  • R. Nuter, V. Tikhonchuk
    Prepulse suppression ans optimization of backward Raman amplification with a chirped pump laser beam
    Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 87, 043109 (2013)
  • A. Morace, C. Bellei, T. Bartial, L. Willingale, J. Kim, A. Maksimchuk, K. Krushelnick, M.S. Wei, P. K. Patel, D. Batani, P. Piovella, R.B. Stephens
    Improved Laser-to-Proton Conversion Efficiency in Isolated Reduced Mass Targets
    Applied Physics Letters 103 , 054102 (2013)
  • B. M. Mirdan, D. Batani, L. Volpe, A. M. Villa, M. Bussoli, R. Jafer, M. Veltcheva, P. Procaccini, V. Conte
    Dental Hard Tissue Ablation Using Picoseconds Pulsed Laser Emitting at 532 and 266 nm Wavelength
    Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering 8, 192 (2013)
  • C. Mezel, G. Duchateau, G. Geneste, B. Siberchicot
    A model for multiphoton absorption in dielectric materials induced by short laser pulses at moderate intensities
    Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 25, 235501 (2013)
  • P.M. Mayer, D. Staedter, V. Blanchet, P. Hemberger, A. Bodi
    Comparing Femtosecond Multiphoton Dissociative Ionization of Tetrathiafulvene with Imaging Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence Spectroscopy
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 117, 2753 2759 (2013)
  • A. Marocchino, M. Tzoufras, S. Atzeni, A Schiavi, Ph. Nicolaï, J. Mallet, V. Tikhonchuk, J.-L. Feugeas
    Comparison for non-local hydrodynamic thermal conduction models
    Phys. Plasmas 20, 022702 (2013)
  • P.-H. Maire, R. Abgrall, J. Breil, R. Loubère, B. Rebourcet
    A nominally second-order cell-centered Lagrangian scheme for simulating elastic–plastic flows on two-dimensional unstructured grids
    Journal of Computational Physics. 235, 626 (2013)
  • G. Machinet, P. Sevillano, F. Guichard, R. Dubrasquet, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, P. Moncorgé, P. Georges, F. Druon, D. Descamps, E. Cormier
    High-brightness fiber laser-pumped 68 fs-2.3 W Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:CaF2 OSCILLATOR
    Optics Letters 38, 0146-9592 (2013)
  • G. Machinet, G. Andriukaitis, P. Sévillano, J. Lhermite, D. Descamps, A. Pugzlys, A. Baltuska, E. Cormier
    High-gain amplification in Yb:CaF2 crystals pumped by a high-brightness Yb-doped 976 nm fiber laser
    Appl. Phys B 111, 111:495-500 (2013)
  • J. Lopez, P. E. Martin, R. Kling
    Le micro usinage par laser et ses applications
    Bulletin de la Société Suisse de Chronométrie 72 , 39 (2013)
  • T. Levato, M. calvetti, F. Anelli, D. Batani, R. Benocci, L. Cacciotti, C. A. Cecchetti, O. Cerafogli, P. Chimenti, A. Clozza, N. Dreska, A. Esposito, R. Faccini, S. Fioravanti, A. Gamucci, C. Gatti, A. Giulietti, D. Giulietti, L. Labate, V. Lollo, S. Martellotti, M. Monteduro, E. Pace, N. C. Pathak, L. Pellegrino, F. Piastra, M. Pistoni, G. Di Pirro, R. Di Raddo, U. Rotundo, R. Ricci, M. Richetta, C. Vaccarezza, P. Valente, L. A. Gizzi
    First electrons from the new 220 TW Frascati Laser for Acceleration and Multidisciplinary Experiments (FLAME) at Frascati national Laboratories (LNF)
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 720, 95 - 99 (2013)
  • A. Leredde, X. Fléchard, A. Cassimi, D. Hennecart, B. Pons
    High-Resolution Probe of Coherence in Low-Energy Charge Exchange Collisions with oriented Targets
    Physical Review Letters 111, 133201 (2013)
  • P.M. Leguay, A. Lévy, B. Chimier, F. Deneuville, D. Descamps, C. Fourment, C. Goyon, S. Hulin, S. Petit, O. Peyrusse, J. Santos, P. Combis, B. Holst, V. Recoules, P. Renaudin, L. Videau, F. Dorchies
    Utrafast Short-Range Disordering of Femtosecond-Laser-Heated Warm Dense Aluminium
    Physical Review Letters 111, 245004 (2013)
  • L. Lancia, C. Fourment, J. Fuchs, J.-L. Feugeas, Ph. Nicolai, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, M. Gauthier, S. Hulin, M. Nakatsutsumi, M. Rabec-Le-Gloahec, J. Santos, G. Schurtz.
    Simultaneous measurement of self-generated magnetic fields and electron heat transport in dense plasma
    Laser and Particle Beams 31, 653 (2013)
  • M. Lafon, X. Ribeyre, G. Schurtz
    Optimal conditions for shock ignition of scaled cryogenic deuterium-tritium targets
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 022708 (2013)
  • L. Kotov, M. Likhachev, M. Bubnov, O. Medvedekov, M. Yashkov, A. Guryanov, S. Fevrier, J. Lhermite, E. Cormier
    75 W 40% efficiency single-mode all-fiber erbium-doped laser cladding pumped at 976 nm
    Optics Letters 38, 2230-2232 (2013)
  • P. Koester, L. Antonelli, S. Atzeni, J. Badziak, F. Baffigi, D. Batani, C. A. Cecchetti, T. Chodukowski, F. Consoli, G. Cristoforetti, R. De Angelis, G. Folpini, L. A. Gizzi, Z. Kalinowska, E. Krousky, M. Kucharik, L. Labate, T. Levato, R. Liska, G. Malka, Y. Maheut, A. Marocchino, P. Nicolai, T. O’Dell, P. Parys, T. Pisarczyk, P. Raczka, O. Renner, Y. Rhee, X. Ribeyre, M. Richetta, M. Rosinski, L. Ryc, J. Skala, A. Schiavi, G. Schurtz, M. Smid, C. Spindloe, J. Ullschmied, J. Wolowski, A. Zaras
    Recent results from experimental studies on laser-plasma coupling in a shock ignition relevant regime
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 55, 124045 (2013)
  • O. Klimo, V. T. Tikhonchuk, X. Ribeyre, G. Schurtz, C. Riconda, S. Weber , J. Limpouch
    Laser plasma physics in shock ignition – transition from collisional to collisionless absorption
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59, 05008 (2013)
  • O. Klimo, V. Tikhonchuk
    Laser plasma interaction studies in the context of shock ignition— the regime dominated by parametric instabilities
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 55, 095002 (2013)
  • H. Jouin, F.A. Gutierrez
    Calculations of neutral fractions and angular distributions for H(1s) and H+ impinging on Al (111) at grazing incidence
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 317, 28 - 32 (2013)
  • Y. Huismans, E. Cormier, C. Cauchy, P. Hervieux, G. Gademann, A. Gijsbertsen, O. Ghafur, P. Johnsson, P. Logman, T. Barillot, C. Bordas, F. Lepine, M. Vrakking
    Macro-atom versus many-electron effects in ultrafast ionization of C-60
    Phys. Rev 88, 013201 (2013)
  • T. Harribey, J. Breil, P.-H. Maire, M. Shashkov
    A swept-intersection-based remapping method in a ReALE framework
    Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids 72, 697 (2013)
  • S. Hansen, S. Bastiani, C. Bowen, H.-K. Chung, C.J. Fontes, O. Peyrusse, Y. Ralchenko, A. Sasaki
    Testing the reliability of non-LTE spectroscopic models for complex ions
    High Energy Density Physics 9, 523 (2013)
  • A. Giulietti, A. Andre, S. Dufrenoy, D. Giulietti, T. Hosokai, P. Koster, H. Kotaki, L. Labate, T. Lavato, R. Nuter, N.C. Oathak, P. Monot, L. Gizzi
    Space-and time-resolved observation of extreme laser frequency upshifting during ultrafast-ionization
    Phys. Plasma 20, 082307 (2013)
  • J. Gaudin, N. Medvedev, J. Chalupsky, T. Burian, S. Dastjani-Farahani, V. H´ajkova, M. Harmand, H. O. Jeschke, L. Juha, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, J. Krzywinski, R. A. Loch, S. Moeller, M. Nagasono, C. Ozkan, K. Saksl, H. Sinn, R. Sobierajski, P. Sovak, S. Toleikis, K. Tiedtke, M. Toufarova, T. Tschentscher, V. Vorlicek, L. Vysin, H. Wabnitz, B. Ziaja
    Photon energy dependence of graphitization threshold for diamond irradiated with an intense XUV FEL pulse
    physical Review B 88, 060101 (2013)
  • J. Fuchs, B. Albertazzi, J. A. Ruiz, S. Atzeni, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, C. Boniface, E. Brambrink, A. Ciardi, E. d’Humières, L. A. Gizzi, M. Harmand, S. Hulin, P. McKenna, J. L. Miquel, M. Koenig, A. Ravasio, S. J. Rose, M. Roth, V. Tikhonchuk, N. Woolsey
    Review of high energy density physics activity in Europe
    Laser Review 41 41, 39 (2013)
  • J.-E. Ducret, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, D. Batani, N. Blanchot, E. Brambrink, A. Casner, T. Ceccotti , A. Compant La Fontaine, E. d’Humières, S. Dobosz-Dufrénoy, A. Duval, J. Fuchs, S. Hulin, M. Koenig , I. Lantuéjoul-Thfoin, E. Lefebvre, J.-R. Marquès, J.-L. Miquel, C. Reverdin, L. Serani, C. Szabo-Foster, R. Wrobel
    The PETAL plus project : X-ray and charged particle diagnostics for plasma experiments at LMJ-PETAL
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 720, 141 (2013)
  • G. Duchateau, G. Geoffroy, A. Belsky, N. Fedorov, P. Martin, S. Guizard
    Interaction of intense femtosecond laser pulses with KDP and DKDP crystals in the short wavelength regime
    Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 25, 435501 (2013)
  • G. Duchateau
    Strong nonlinear electron multiplication without impact ionization in dielectric nanoparticles embedded in optical materials
    Physics of Plasmas 20, 022306 (2013)
  • S. Driever, D. Bigourd, N. Fedorov, M. Cornet, M. Arnold, F. Burgy
    Tunable 1.6-2 µm near infrared few cycle pulse generation by filamentation
    , (2013)
  • S. Driever, B. Bigourd, N. Fedorov, M. Cornet, M. Arnold, F. Burgy, S. Montant, S. Petit, D. Descamps, E. Cormier, E. Constant, A. Zaïr
    Tunable 1.6-µm near infrared few-cycle pulse generation filamentation
    Applied Physics Letters 102, 191119 (2013)
  • E. d’Humières, A. Brantov, V. Yu. Bychenkov, V. Tikhonchuk
    Optimization of laser-target interaction for proton acceleration
    Phys. Plasmas 20, 023103 (2013)
  • E. d’Humières, P. Antici, M. ; Glesser, J. Boeker, F. Cardelli, S. Chen, J.L. Feugeas, F. Filippi, M. Gauthier, A. Levy, P. Nicolaï, H. Pépin, L. Romagnani, M. Scisciò, V. Tikhonchuk, O. Willi, J. C. Kieffer, J. Fuchs
    Investigation of laser ion acceleration in low-density targets using exploded foils
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 55, 124025 (2013)
  • F. Deneuville, B. Chimier, D. Descamps, F. Dorchies, S. Hulin, S. Petit, O. Peyrusse, J. Santos, C. Fourment
    Sub-picosecond and nanometer scale dynamics of aluminium target surface heated by ultrashort laser pulse
    Applied Physics Letters 102, 194104 (2013)
  • Deneuville, F., B. Chimier, D. Descamps, F. Dorchies, S. Hulin, S. Petit, O. Peyrusse, J. J. Santos, C. Fourment.
    Improved Laser-to-Proton Conversion Efficiency in Isolated Reduced Mass Targets
    Applied Physics Letters 103 , 054102 (2013)
  • A. Debayle, L. Gremillet, J.J. Honrubia, E. d’Humières
    Reduction of the fast electron angular dispersion by means of varying-resistivity structured targets
    Phys. Plasmas 20, 013109 (2013)
  • S. Davis, R. Capdessus, E. d’Humieres, S. Jequier, I. Andriyash, V. Tikhonchuk
    Numerical simulations of energy transfer in counter-streaming plasmas
    High Energy Density Physics 9, 231 (2013)
  • D.Batani, T. Vinci, D. Bleiner
    Advances in the investigation of shock-induced reflectivity of porous carbon
    Laser and Particle Beams 31, 454 (2013)
  • C. Couratin, X. Fabian, B. Fabre, B. Pons, X. Fléchard, E. Liénard, G. Ban, M. Breitenfeldt, P. Delahaye, D. Durand, A. Méry, O. Naviliat-Cuncic, T. Porobic, G. Quéméner, D. Rodriguez, N. Severijns, J.C. Thomas, S. Van Gorp
    Electron shaeoff following the β+ decay of trapped 35 Ar+ ions
    Physical Review A 88, (2013)
  • J. Chalupsky, T. Burian, V. Hajkova, L. Juha, T. Polcar, J. Gaudin, M. Nagasono, R. Sobierajski, M. Yabashi, J. Krzywinski
    Fluence scan : unexplored property of a laser beam
    Optics Express 21, 26363 (2013)
  • R. Capdessus, E. d’Humières, V. T. Tikhonchuk
    Influence of ion mass on laser energy absorption and synchrotron radiation at ultra-high laser intensities
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 215003 (2013)
  • J. Breil, T. Harribey, P.H. Maire, M. Shashkov
    A multi-material ReALE method with MOF interface reconstruction
    Computer & Fluids 83, 115 (2013)
  • A. Börzsönyi, R. Chiche, E. Cormier, R. Flaminio, P. Jojart, C. Michel, K. Osvay, L. Pinard, V. Soskov, A. Variola, F. Zomer
    External cavity enhancement of picosecond pulses with 28,000 cavity finesse
    Applied Optics 52, 8376-8380 (2013)
  • P. Béjot, E. Cormier, E. Hertz, B. Lavorel, J. Kasparian, J.-P. Wolf, O. Faucher
    High-Field Quantum Calculation Reveals Time-Dependent Negative Kerr Contribution
    Physical Review Letters 110, 043902 (2013)
  • D. Batani, T. Vinci, D. Bleiner
    Laser-ablation and induced nanoparticle synthesis
    Laser and Particle Beams 31, 454 (2013)
  • D. Batani, S. Paleari, T. Vinci, R. Benocci, K. Shigemori, Y. Hironaka, T. Kadono, A. Shiroshita
    Advances in the Investigation of Shock-Induced Reflectivity of Porous Carbon
    Laser and Particle Beams 31, 457 (2013)
  • D. Batani, S. Hulin, J. E. Ducret, E. d’Humieres, V. Tikhonchuk, J. Caron, J.-L. Feugeas, P. Nicolai, M. Koenig, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, J. Fuchs, T. Ceccotti, S. Dobosz-Dufrenoy, C. Szabo-Foster, L. Serani, L. Volpe, C. Perego, I. Lantuejoul-Thfoin, E. Lefebvre, A. Compant La Fontaine, J.-L. Miquel, N. Blanchot, A. Casner, A. Duval, C. Reverdin, R. Wrobel, J. Gazave, J.-L. Dubois, D. Raffestin
    Development of the PETAL Laser Facility and its Diagnostic Tools
    Acta Polytechnica 53 , 103 (2013)
  • D. Batani, G. Gorini
    Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion
    Reviews in Advanced Sciences and Engineering 2, 186 (2013)
  • H. Bachau, O. Budriga, M. Dondera, V. Florescu
    Above-threshold ionization of hydrogen and hydrogen-like ions by X-ray pulses
    Central European Journal of Physics 11, 1091-1096 (2013)
  • T. Auguste, C. Fourcade Dutin, A. Dubrouil, O. Gobert, O. Hort, E. Mevel, S. Petit, E. Constant, D. Descamps
    High-energy femtosecond laser pulse compression in single- and multi-ionization regime of rare gases : emperiment versus theory
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