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Année 2012

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  • C. Yanez, J. Sanz, M. Olazabal-Loumé
    Self-consistent numerical dispersion relation of the ablative Raleigh-Taylor instability of double ablation fronts in inertial confinement fusion
    Physics of Plasmas 19, 062705 (2012)
  • S. Weber, C. Riconda, O. Klimo, A. Héron, V. Tikhonchuk
    Fast saturation of the-plasmon-decay instability for shock-ignition conditions
    Physical Review E 85, 016403 (2012)
  • L. Volpe, R. Ramis, S. Baton, Ph. Nicolai, F. Perez, J. J. Santos, B. Vauzour, D. Batani, M. Koenig
    Three-Dimensional Simulations of Cylindrical Target Implosion Imaging Using Laser-Driven Proton Source
    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40, 0093-3813 (2012)
  • L. Volpe, D. Batani
    Can laser-driven protons be used as diagnostics in ICF experiments ?
    Nukleonika 57 (2), 231-235 (2012)
  • B. Vauzour, J. Santos, A. Debayle, S. Hulin, H.-P. Schlenvoigt, X. Vaisseau, D. Batani, S. D. Baton, J.J. Honrubia, P. Nicolai, F. N. Beg, R. Benocci, S. Chawla, M. Coury, F. Dorchies, C. Fourment, E. D’Humières, L. C. Jarrot, P. McKenna, Y. J. Rhee, V. T. Tikhonchuk, L. Volpe, V. Yahia
    Relativistic High-Current Electron-Beam Stopping-Power Characterization in Solids and Plasmas : Collisional Versus Resistive Effects
    Physical Review Letters 109, 255002 (2012)
  • D. Uryupina, K. Ivanov, A. Brantov, A. B. Savel’ve, V. Yu Bychenkov, M.E. Povarnitsyn, R.V. Volkov, V. Tikhonchuk
    Femtosecond Laser-Plasma Interaction with Prepulse-generatied Liquid metal Microjets
    Physics of Plasmas 19, 013104 (2012)
  • W. Theobald, R. Nora, M. Lafon, A. Casner, X. Ribeyre, K.S. Anderson, R. Betti, J.A. Delettrez, J. A. Frenje, V. Yu. Glebov, O. V. Gotchev, M. Hohenberger, S.X. Smalyuk, C. Stoeckl, B. Yaakobi
    Spherical shock-ignition experiments with the 40+20-beam configuration on OMEGA
    Physics of Plasmas 19, 102706 (2012)
  • S. Ter-Avetisyan, B. Ramakrishna, D. Doria, R. Prasad, M. Borghesi, A. A. Andreev, S. Steinke, M. Schnürer, P.V. Nickles, V. Tikhonchuk
    MeV negative ion source from ultra-intense laser-matter interaction
    Review of Scientific Instruments 83, doi:10.1063/1.3670741 (2012)
  • K. Stefanska, F. Reynal, H. Bachau
    Two-photon double ionization of He(1s2) and He(1s2s 1S) by xuv short pulses
    Physical Review A 85, 053405 (2012)
  • D. Shafir, H. Soifer, B.D. Bruner, M. Dagan, Y. Mairesse, S. Patchkovskii, M. Yu. Ivanov, O. Smirnova, N. Dudovich
    Resolving the time when an electron exits a tunnelling barrier
    Nature 485, 343 (2012)
  • D. Shafir, B. Fabre, J. Higuet, H. Soifer, M. Dagan, D. Descamps, E. Mével, S. Petit, H.J. Wörner, B. Pons, N. Dudovich, Y. Mairesse
    Role of the Ionic Potential Harmonic Generation
    Physical Review Letters 108, 203001 (2012)
  • R.H. H. Scott, F. Perez, J. Santos, C.P. Ridgers, J.R. Davies, K.L. Lancaster, S.D. Baton, Ph. Nicolai, R.M.G.M. Trines, A.R. Bell, S. Hulin, M. Tzoufras, S. J. Rose, P.A. Norreys
    A study of fast electron energy transport in relativistically intense laser-plasma interactions with large density scalelengths
    Physic of Plasmas 19, 053104 (2012)
  • R.H.H. Scott, C. Beaucourt, H.-P. Schlenvoigt, K. Markey, K.L. Lancaster, C.P. Ridgers, C.M. Brenner, J. Pasley, R.J. Gray, I.O. Musgrave, A.P.L Robinson, K. Li, M.M. Notley, J.R. Davies, S.D. Baton, J.J. Santos, J.-L. Feugeas, Ph. Nicolaï, G. Malka, V.T. Tikhonchuk, P. McKenna, D. Neely, S.J. Rose, P.A. Norreys
    Controlling Fast-Electron-Beam Divergence Using Two Laser Pulses
    physical Review Letters 109, 015001 (2012)
  • T. Schlegel, V. Tikhonchuk
    Classical radiation effects on relativistic electrons in ultraintense laser fields with circular polarization
    New Journal of Physics 14, 073034 (2012)
  • H. Ruf, C. Handschin, A. Ferré, N. Thiré, J. B. Bertrand, L. Bonnet, R. Cireasa, E. Constant, E. Constant, P. B. Corkum, D. Descamps, B. Fabre, P. Larregaray, E. Mével, S. Petit, B. Pons, D. Staedter, H. J. Wörner, D. M. Villeneuve, Y. Mairesse, P. Halvick, V. Blanchet
    High-harmonic transient grating spectroscopy of NO2 electronic relaxation
    The Journal of Chemical Physics 137, 224303 (2012)
  • S. Reyné, G. Duchateau, J.Y. Natoli, L. Lamaignère
    Competition between ultraviolet and infrared nanosecond laser pulses during the optical breakdown of KH2PO4 crystals
    Applied Physics B DOI 10.1007/s00340-012-5238-8, 109:695-706 (2012)
  • O. Peyrusse
    Coupling of detailed configuration kinetics and hydroynamics in materials submitted to x-ray free-electron-laser irradiation
    Physical Review E 86, 036403 (2012)
  • C. Perego, D. Batani, A. Zani, M. Passoni
    Target normal sheath acceleration analytical modeling, comparative study and developments
    Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 02B502 (2012)
  • M. Momcilovic, J. Limpouch, V. Kmetik, R. Readelli, J. Savovic, D. Batani, J. Stasic, P. Panjan, M. Trtica
    Surface modification of copper using high intensuty, 1015 W/cm2, femtosecond laser in cacuum Applied Surface Science
    Applied Surface Science 258, 8908-8914 (2012)
  • V. Minorov, N. Zharova, E. D’Humières, R. Capdessus, V. Tikhonchuk
    Effect of the laser pulse temporal shape on the hole boring efficiency
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 54, 095008 (2012)
  • V. Mezoui-Ndo, L. Owono Owono, B. Piraux, S. Barmaki, M. Forre, H. Bachau
    Nuclear interference in the dissociation of H+2 in short vuv laser fields
    Physical Review A 86, 013416 (2012)
  • D. Margarone, J. Krasa, J. Prokupek, A. Velyhan, L. Torrisi, A. Picciotto, L. Giuffrida, S. Gammino, C. Cirrone, M. Cutroneo, F. Romano, E. Serra, A. Mangione, M. Rosinski, P. Parys, L. Ryc, J. Limpouch, L. Laska, K. Jungwirth, J. Ullsschmied, T. Mocek, G. Korn, B. Rus
    New methods for high current fast ion beam production by laser-driven acceleration
    Review of Scientific Instruments 83, 02B307 (2012)
  • L. Malegat, H. Bachau, B. Piraux, F. Reynal
    A novel estimate of the two-photon double-ionization cross section of helium
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 45, 175601 (2012)
  • P.-H. Maire, J. Breil
    Anominally second-order accurate finite volume cell-centered scheme for anisotropic diffusion on two-dimensional unstructured grids
    Journal of Computational Physics. 231, 2259-2299 (2012)
  • A. Levy, F. Dorchies, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, A. Ravasio, F. Festa, V. Recoules, O. Peyrusse, N. Amadou, E. Brambrink, T. Hall, M. Koenig, S. Mazevet
    X-Ray Diagnostics of the Pressure Induced Mott Nonmetal-Metal Transition
    Physical Review Letters 108, 055002 (2012)
  • A. Leredde, A. Cassimi, X. Fléchard, D. Hennecart, H. Join, B. Pons
    Atomic-matter-wave diffraction evidenced in low-energy Na+ + Rb charge-exchange collisions
    Physical Review A 85, 032710 (2012)
  • E. LeBel, G. Schurtz, X. Ribeyre, M. Lafon
    Polar Direct Drive Shock Ignition Design on LMJ
    Bulletin of the American Physical Society 55, 22 (2012)
  • M. Igbal, A. Wazy, D. Batani, H. Rashid, M.A.K. Lodhi
    Design modification in rotor blade of turbo molecular pump
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research 678, 88-90 (2012)
  • L. Hallo, C. Mézel, F. Guillemot, B. Chimier, A. Bourgeade, C. Regan, G. Duchateau, A. Souquet, D. Hebert
    Laser-matter structuration of optical and biological materials
    Applied Surface Science 258, 9263-9269 (2012)
  • F.A. Gutierrez, C. Salas, H. Jouin
    Bulk plasmon induced ion neutralization near metal surfaces
    Surface Science 606, 1293-1297 (2012)
  • S. Gus’Kov, X. Ribeyre, M. Touati, J.-L. Feugeas, Ph. Nicolaï, V. Tikhonchuk
    Ablation Pressure Driven by an Energetic Electron Beam in a Dense Plasma
    Physical Review Letters 109, 255004 (2012)
  • A. Gonzalez-Castrillo, A. Palacios, F. Catoire, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Reproducibility of Observables and Coherent Control in Molecular Photoionization : From cw to Ultrashort Pulsed Radiation
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116, 2704-2712 (2012)
  • A. Gonzalez-Castrillo, A. Palacios, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Clocking Ultrafast Wave Packet Dynamics in Molecules through UV-Induced Symmetry Breaking
    physical Review Letters PRL 108, 063009 (2012)
  • J. Gaudin, O. Peyrusse, J. Chalupsky, M. Toufarova, L. Vysin, V. Hajkova, R. Sobierajski, T. Burian, Sh. Dastjani-Farahni, A. Graf, M. Amati, L. Gregoratti, S.P. Hau-Riege, G. Hoffmann, L. Juha, J. Krzywinski, R.A. London, S. Moeller, S. Sinn, S. Schorb, M. Störmer, Th. Tschentscher, V. Vorlicek, H. Vu, J. Bozek, C. Bostedt
    Amorphous to crystalline phase transition in carbon induced by intense femtosecond x-ray free-electron laser pulses
    Physical Review B 86, 024103 (2012)
  • D.A. Gaponov, L.V. Kotov, M.E. Likhachev, M.M. Bubnov, A. Cabasse, J.L. Oudar, S. Fevrier, D.S. Lipatov, N.N. Vechkanov, A.N. Guryanov, G. Martel
    High power all-fibered femtosecond master oscillator power amplifier at 1.56 µm
    Optics Letters 37, (2012)
  • E. Galtier, A. Moinard, F.Y. Khattak, O. Renner, T. Robert, J. Santos, C. Beaucourt, P. Angelo, V. Tikhonchuk, F.B. Rosmej
    Hihg-resolution x-ray imaging of Ka volume radiation induced by high-intensity laser pulse interaction with a copper target
    Journal of Physics B : Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 45, 2012 038 (2012)
  • V. Florescu, O. Budriga, H. Bachau
    Two-photon ionization of hydrogen and hydrogenlike : Retardation effects on differential and total generalized cross sections
    Physical Review A 86, 033413 (2012)
  • F. Filbet, R. Duclous, B. Dubroca
    Analysis of a high order finite volume sheme for the 1D-1V Vlasov-Poisson system
    Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 5, 283-305 (2012)
  • F. Filbet, R. Duclous, B. Dubroca
    Analysis of a high order finite volume sheme for the 1D-1V Vlasov-Poisson system
    Numerical Methods for Controlled Fusion doi : 10 . 3934/dcdss.2012.5.283, 283-305 (2012)
  • M. Durand, A. Jarnac, Y. Liu, B. Prade, A. Houard, V. Tikhonchuk, A. Mysyrowicz
    Dynamics of Plasma gratings in atomic and molecular gases
    Physical Review E 86, 036405 (2012)
  • G. Duchateau, M. D. Feit, S. G. Demos
    Strong nonlinear growth of energy coupling during laser irradiation of transparent dielectrics and its significance for laser induced damage
    Journal of Applied Physics 111, 093106 (2012)
  • M. Dondera, H. Bachau
    Exploring above-threshold ionization of hydrogen in an intense x-ray laser field through nonperturbative calculations
    Physical Review A 85, 013423 (2012)
  • E. Constant, A. Dubrouil, O. Hort, S. Petit, D. Descamps, E. Mevel
    Spatial shaping of intense femtosecond beams for the generation of high-energy attosecond pulses
    J.Phys.B:At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 45, 074018 (2012)
  • S.N. Chen, E. d’Humières, E. Lefebvre, L. Romagnani, T. Toncian, P. Antici, P. Audebert, E. Brambrink, C.A. Cecchetti, T. Kudyakov, A. Pipahl, Y. Sentoku, M. Borghesi, O. Willi, J. Fuchs
    Focusing dynamics of high-energy density, laser-driven ion beams
    Phys. Lett. A 108, 055001 (2012)
  • F. Catoire, H. Bachau
    Extraction of the absolute value of the photoelectron spectrum probability density by means of the resolvent technique
    Physical Review A 85, 023422 (2012)
  • A. Cabasse, G. Machinet, A. Dubrouil, E. Cormier, E. Constant
    Optimization and phase matching of fiber-laser-driven high-order harmonic generation at high repetition rate
    Optics Letters 17 N°. 22, 4619 4620 (2012)
  • J. Breil, T. Harribey, P.-H. Maire, M. Shashkov
    A multi-material ReALE method with MOF interface reconstruction
    Computer & Fluids , (2012)
  • A. Bourgeade, G. Duchateau
    Time-dependent ionization models designed for intense and short laser pulse propagation in dielectric materials
    physical Review E 85, 056403 (2012)
  • J. Bonis, R. Chiche, R. Cizeron, M. Cohen, E. Cormier, P. Cornebise, N. Delarue, R. Flaminio, D. Jehanno, F. Labaye, M. Lacroix, R. Marie, B. Mercier, C. Michel, Y. Peinaud, L. Pinard, C. Prevost, S. Soskov, A. Variola, F. Zomer
    Non-planar four-mirror optical cavity for high intensity gamma ray flux production by pulsed laser beam Compton scattering off GeV-electron
    Journal of Instrumentation 7, 01017 (2012)
  • S.D. Baton, M. Koenig, E. Brambrink, H.P. Schlenvoigt, C. Rousseaux, G. Debras, S. Laffite, P. Loiseau, F. Philippe, X. Ribeyre, G. Schurtz
    Experiment in Planar Geometry for Schock Ignition Studies
    Physical Review Letters 108, 195002 (2012)
  • T. Auguste, O. Gobert, C. Fourcade-Dutin, A. Dubrouil, E. Mével, S. Petit, D. Descamps
    Application of optical-field -ionization-induced spectral broadening in helium gas to the postcompression of high-energy femtosecond laser pulses
    Optical Society of America B 29, 0740-3224/12/061277 (2012)
  • T. Auguste, F. Catoire, P. Agostini, L. F. DiMauro, C. C. Chirila, V. S. Yakovlev, P. Salieres
    Driving-frequency scaling of high-harmonic quantum paths
    New Journal of physics 14, 103014 (2012)
  • P. Antici, B. Albertazzi, P. Audebert, S. Buffechoux, F. Hannachi, E. d’Humières, F. Gobet, T. Grismayer, A. Mancic, M. Nakatsutsumi, C. Plaisir, L. Romagnani, M. Tarisien, H. Pépin, Y. Sentoku, J. Fuchs
    Measuring hot electron distributions in itense laser interaction with dense matter
    New Journal of Physics 14, 063023 (2012)
  • I. Andriyash, E. D’humières, V. Tikhonchuk, P. Balcou
    X-Raay Amplification from a Raman free-Electron Laser
    Physical Review Letters 109, 244802 (2012)
  • T. Akagi, S. Araki, J. Bonis, I. Chaikovska, R. Chiche, R. Cizeron, M. Cohen,, E. Cormier, P. Cornebise, N. Delerue, R. Flaminio, S. Funahashi, D. Jehanno, Y. Honda, F. Labaye,, M. Lacroix, R. Marie, C. Michel, S. Miyoshi, S. Nagata,, T. Omori, Y. Peinaud, L. Pinard , H. Shimizu, V. Soskov, T. Takahashi, R. Tanaka, T. Terunuma, J. Urakawa, A. Variola , F. Zomer
    Non-planar four-mirror optical cavity for high intensity gamma ray flux production by pulsed laser beam Compton scattering off GeV-electrons
    Journal of Instrumentation 7, 01021 (2012)
  • T. Akagi, S. Araki, J. Bonis, I. Chaikovska, R. Chiche, R. Cizeron, M. Cohen, E. Cormier, P. Cornebise, D. Delerue, R. Flaminio, S. Funahashi, D. Jehanno, Y. Honda, F. Labaye, M. Lacroix, R. Marie, C. Michel, S. Miyoshi, S. Nagata, T. Omori, Y. Peinaud, L. Pinard, H. Shimizu, V. Soskov, T. Takahashi, R. Tanaka, T. Terunuma, J. Urakawa, A. Variola, F. Zomer
    production of gamma rays by pulsed laser beam Compton scattering off GeV-electrons using a non-planar four-mirror optical cavity
    Journal of Instrumentation 7, P01021 (2012)