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Année 2007

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  • Y. Zaouter, D.N. Papadopoulos, M. Hanna, F. Druon, E. Cormier, P. Georges
    Third-order spectral phase compensation in parabolic pulse compression
    Opt. Express 15, 9372-9377 (2007)
  • G. Schurtz, S. Gary, S. Hulin, C. Chenais-Popovics, J.C. Gauthier, F. Thais, J. Breil, F. Durut, J.L. Feugeas, P.H. Maire, P. Nicolai, O. Peyrusse, C. Reverdin, G. Soullié, V.T. Tikhonchuk, B. Villette, C. Fourment
    Erratum : Revisiting nonlocal electron-energy transport in inertial-fusion conditions
    Phys. Rev. Letters 98, 149902 (2007)
  • G. Schurtz, S. Gary, S. Hulin, C. Chenais-Popovics, J.C. Gauthier, F. Thais, J. Breil, F. Durut, J.L. Feugeas, P.H. Maire, P. Nicolai, O. Peyrusse, C. Reverdin, G. Soullié, V. Tikhonchuk, B. Villette, C. Fourment
    Revisiting nonlocal electron-elergy transport in inertial-fusion conditions
    Phys. Rev. Letters 98, 095002 (2007)
  • J.L. Sanz-Vicario, A. Palacios, J.C. Cardona, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Ab initio time-dependent method to study the hydrogen molecule exposed to intense ultrashort laser pulses
    J. of Electron Spectroscopy 161, 182-187 (2007)
  • J.J. Santos, A. Debayle, P. Nicolai, V. Tikhonchuk, M. Manclossi, D. Batani, A. Guemnie-Tafo, J. Faure, V. Malka
    Fast-electron transport and induced heating in aluminum foils
    Phys. of Plasmas 14, 103107-1/18 (2007)
  • A. Sangam, J.P. Morreeuw, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Anisotropic instability in a laser heated plasma
    Phys. Plasmas 14, 053111-1/8 (2007)
  • X. Ribeyre, L. Hallo, V.T. Tikhonchuk, S. Bouquet, J. Sanz
    Non-stationary Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities in pulsar wind interaction with a supernova shell
    Astrophys. & Space Science 307, 169-172 (2007)
  • X. Ribeyre, L. Hallo, V.T. Tikhonchuk, S. Bouquet, J. Sanz
    Nonstationary Rayleigh-Taylor instability in supernova ejecta
    Physics of plasmas 14, 112902 (2007)
  • T. Pisarczyk, A. Kasperczuk, E. Krousky, K. Masek, R. Miklaszewski, P. Nicolai, M. Pfeifer, P. Pisarczyk, K. Rohlena, K. Stenc, J. Skala, V.T. Tikhonchuk, J. Ullschmied
    The PALS iodine laser-driven jets
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49, B611-B619 (2007)
  • D.N. Papadopoulos, Y. Zaouter, M. Hanna, F. Druon, E. Mottay, E. Cormier, P. Georges
    Generation of 63 fs 4.1 MW peak power pulses from a parabolic fiber amplifier operated beyond the gain bandwidth limit
    Optics Letters 32, 2520-2522 (2007)
  • A. Palacios, H. Bachau, F. Martin
    Excitation and ionization of molecular hydrogen by ultrashort laser pulses
    Phys. Rev. A 75, 013408 (2007)
  • M. Olazabal-Loumé, L. Hallo
    Stability study of planar targets using standard and adiabat shaping pulses
    Phys. Plasmas 14, 102705 (2007)
  • P. Nicolai, V.T. Tikhonchuk, A. Kasperczuk, T. Pisarczyk, S. Borodziuk, K. Rohlena, J. Ullschmied
    How produce a plasma jet using a single and low energy laser beam
    Astrophys. & Space Science 307, 87-91 (2007)
  • P.V. Nickles, S. Ter-Avetisyan, M. Schnürer, T. Sokollik, W. Sandner, J. Schreiber, D. Hilscher, U. Jahnke, A. Andreev, V. Tikhonchuk
    Review of ultrafast ion acceleration experiments in laser plasma at Max Born Institute
    Laser and Particle Beams 25, 347 (2007)
  • T. Nakajima, E. Cormier
    Effects of the carrier-envelope phase of chirped laser pulses in the multiphoton ionization regime
    Optics Letters 32, 2879 (2007)
  • G.A. Mourou, C.L. Labaune, M. Dune, N. Naumova, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Relativistic laser-matter interaction : from attosecond pulse generation to fast ignition
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49, B667-B675 (2007)
  • I. Manek-Honninger, J. Boullet, T. Cardinal, F. Guillen, S. Ermeneux, M. Podgorski, R. Bello Doua, F. Salin
    Photodarkening and photobleaching of an ytterbium-doped silica double-clad LMA fiber
    Opt. Express 15, 1606-1611 (2007)
  • Y. Mairesse, S. Haessler, B. Fabre, J. Higuet, W. Boutu, P. Breger, E. Constant, D. Descamps, E. Mevel, S. Petit, P. Salière
    Polarization state of high order harmonic emission from aligned molecules
    Phys. Rev. Letters 99, 243001 (2007)
  • P.-H. Maire, R. Abgrall, J. Breil, J. Ovadia
    A cell-centered lagrangian scheme for two-dimensional compressible flow problems
    J. Sci. Comput. 29, 1781-1824 (2007)
  • Y. Liu, A. Houard, B. Prade, S. Akturk, A. Mysyrowicz, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Terahertz radiation source in air based on bifilamentation of femtosecond laser pulses
    Phys. Rev. Letters 99, 135002 (2007)
  • O. Klimo, V.T. Tikhonchuk, A. Debayle
    High-current fast electron beam propagation in a dielectric target
    Phys. Rev. E 75, 016403-1/15 (2007)
  • M. Kirm, V. Babin, E. Feldbach, V. Nagirnyi, S. Vielhauer, S. Guizard, B. Carré, M. De Grazia, H. Merdji, A. Belsky, N. Fedorov, P. Martin
    Time resolved luminescence of solids excited by femtosecond VUV pulses and synchrotron radiation
    Phys. Stat. Solid 4, 870 (2007)
  • F. Hannachi, M.M. Aleonard, M. Gerbaux, F. Gobet, G. Malka, C. Plaisir, J.N. Scheurer, M. Tarisien, P. Audebert, E. Brambrink, V. Meot, P. Morel, P. Nicolai, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Prospects for nuclear physics with lasers
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49, B79-B86 (2007)
  • L. Hallo, A. Bourgeade, V.T. Tikhonchuk, C. Mezel, J. Breil
    Model and numerical simulations of the propagation and absorption of a short laser pulse in a transparent dielectric material : blast-wave launch and cavity formation
    Phys. Rev. B 76, 024101-1/12 (2007)
  • F.A. Gutierrez, J. Diaz-Valdés, H. Jouin
    Bulk-plasmon contributin to the work function of metals
    J. Phys. : Condens. Matter 19, 326221 (2007)
  • R. Guichard, H. Bachau, E. Cormier, R. Gayet, V.D. Rodriguez
    In-depth analysis of Coulomb-Volkov approaches to ionization and excitation by laser pulses
    Physica Scripta 76, 397-409 (2007)
  • M. De Grazia, H. Merdji, B. Carre, J. Gaudin, G. Geoffroy, S. Guizard, N. Fedorov, A. Belsky, P. Martin, M. Kirm, V. Babin, E. Feldbach, S. Vielhauer, V. Nagirnyl, A. Vasil’ev, F. Krejci, J. Kuba, J. Chalupsky, J. Cihelka, V. Hajkova, M. Ledinsky, L. Juha
    Applications of instense ultra-shirt XUV pulses to solid state physics : time resolved luminescence spectroscopy and radiation damage studies
    Proc. SPIE , (2007)
  • J. Fuchs, M. Nakatsutsumi, J.R. Marquès, P. Antici, N. Bourgeois, M. Grech, T. Lin, L. Romagnani, V.T. Tikhonchuk, S. Weber, R. Kodama, P. Audebert
    Space and time-resolved observation of single filaments propagation in an underdense plasma and of beam coupling between neighbouring filaments
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49, B497-B504 (2007)
  • S. Fourmaux, L. Lecherbourg, M. Harmand, M. Servol, J.C. Kieffer
    High repetition rate laser produced soft x-ray source for ultrafast x-ray absorption near edge structure measurements
    Review of Scientific Instruments 78, 113104 (2007)
  • L.F. Errea, C. Illescas, L. Mendez, B. Pons, I. Rabadan, A. Riera
    Classical calculation of ionization and electron-capture total cross sections in H+H2O collisions
    Phys. Rev. A 76, 040701 (2007)
  • L.F. Errea, L. Fernandez, L. Mendez, B. Pons, I. Rabadan, A. Riera
    Vibronic treatment of vibrational excitation and electron capture in H+ + H2 (HD,D2,...) collisions at low impact energies
    Phys. Rev. A 75, 032703 (2007)
  • B. Dubroca, M. Seaïd, I. Teleaga
    A consistent approach for the coupling of radiation and hydrodynamics at low Mach number
    J. of Computational Physics 225, 1039-1065 (2007)
  • M. Delaigue, V. Jubera, J. Sablayrolles, J.-P. Chaminade, A. Garcia, I. Manek-Honninger
    Mode-locked and Q-switched laser operation of the Yb-doped Li6Y(BO3)3 crystal
    Appl. Phys. B 87, 693-696 (2007)
  • A. Debayle, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Target ionization by a high current relativistic monoenergetic electron beam
    Phys. of Plasmas 14, 073104 (2007)
  • C. D’Amico, A. Houard, M. Franco, B. Prade, A. Mysyrowicz, A. Couairon, V.T. Tikhonchuk
    Conical forward THz emission from femtosecond-laser-beazm filament in air
    Phys. Rev. Letters 98, 235002 (2007)
  • B. Chimier, V.T. Tikhonchuk, L. Hallo
    Heating model for metals irradiated by a subpicosecond laser pulse
    Phys. Rev. B 75, 195124 (2007)
  • P. Charrier, B. Dubroca, C. Preux
    Computation of effective transport coefficients of a microscale gas flow
    Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica 2, 297-328 (2007)
  • J. Breil, P.H. Maire
    A cell-centered diffusion scheme on two-dimensional unstructured meshes
    J. of Computational Physics 224, 785-823 (2007)
  • E. Brambrink, T. Schlegel, G. Malka, K.U. Amthor, M.M. Aléonard, G. Claverie, M. Gerbaux, F. Gobet, F. Hannachi, V. Méot, P. Morel, P. Nicolai, J.N. Scheurer, M. Tarisien, V. Tikhonchuk, P. Audebert
    Direct evidence of strongly inhomogeneous energy deposition in target heating with laser-produced ion beams
    Phys. Rev. E 75, 065401 (2007)
  • O. Boyko, C. Valentin, B. Mercère, Ch. Coquelet, V. Pascal, E. Papalazarou, G. Rey, P. Balcou
    Systematic study of high harmonic control by temporal pulse shaping of laser pulses : major mechanisms of optimisation
    Phys. Rev. A 76, 063811 (2007)
  • J. Boudeile, F. Druon, M. Hanna, P. Georges, Y. Zaouter, E. Cormier, J. Petit, P. Goldner, B. Viana
    CW and femtosecond laser operation of Yb:CaGdAIO4 under high-power diode pumping
    Optics Letters 32, 1962 (2007)
  • C. Bonté, M. Harmand, F. Dorchies, S. Magnan, V. Pitre, J.C. Kieffer, P. Audebert, J.P. Geindre
    High dynamic range streak camera for subpicosecond time-resolved x-ray spectroscopy
    Review of Scientific Instruments 78, 043503-1/8 (2007)
  • R. Belaouar, V.T. Tikhonchuk, T. Colin, G. Gallice
    Quasi-linear electron acceleration in a driven plasma wave
    Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49, 969-984 (2007)
  • S. Barmaki, H. Bachau
    Coulomb explosion of H2+ wave packet in ultrashort XUV laser fields
    J. Phys. B : At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 40, 463-474 (2007)
  • T. Auguste, F. De Gaufridy de Dortan, T. Ceccotti, J.F. Hergott, O. Sublemontier, D. Descamps, M. Schmidt
    Numerical study of nanosecond laser interactions with micro-sized single droplets and sprays of xenon
    J. Appl. Phys. 101, 043302 (2007)
  • C. Aguergaray, T.V. Andersen, D.N. Schimpf, O. Schmidt, J. Rothhardt, T. Schreiber, J. Limpert, E. Cormier, A. Tunnermann
    Parametric amplification and compression to ultrashort pulse duration of resonant linear waves
    Opt. Express 15, 5699-5710 (2007)