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Année 2017

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  • X. Vaisseau, A. Morace, M. Touati, M. Nakatsutsumi, S. D. Baton, S. Hulin, Ph. Nicolaï, R. Nuter, D. Batani, F. N. Beg, J. Breil, R. Fedosejevs, J.-L. Feugeas, P. Forestier-Colleoni, C. Fourment, S. Fujioka, L. Giuffrida, S. Kerr, H. S. McLean, H. Sawada, V. T. Tikhonchuk, J. J. Santos
    Collimated Propagation of Fast Electron Beams Accelerated by High-Contrast Laser Pulses in Highly Resistive Shocked Carbon
    Physical Review Letters 118, 205001 (2017)
  • V. Tikhonchuk, M. Bailly-Grandvaux, J. Santos
    Quasistationary magnetic field generation with a laser-driven capacitor-coil assembly
    Physical Review E 96, 023202 (2017)
  • E. Smetanina, B. Chimier, Y. Petit, A. Royon, T. Cardinal, L. Canioni, G. Duchateau
    Laser writing of nonlinear optical properties in silver-doped phosphate glass
    Optical Letters 42, 1688 (2017)
  • J. Santos, B. Vauzour, M. Touati, L. Gremillet, J-L. Feugeas, T. Ceccotti, R. Bouillaud, F. Deneuville, V. Floquet, C. Fourment, M. Hadj-Bachir, S. Hulin, A. Morace, Ph. Nicolaï, P. d’Oliveira, F. Reau, A. Samaké, O. Tcherbakoff, V. Tikhonchuk, M. Veltcheva, D. Batani
    Ischoric heating and strong blast wave formation driven by fast electrons in solid-density targets
    New Journal of Physics 19, 103005 (2017)
  • X. Ribeyre, E. d’Humières, O. Jansen, S. Jequier, V. Tikhonchuk
    Electron-position pair beaming in the Breit-Wheeler process
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59, 014024 (2017)
  • N. Rabhi, D. Batani, G. Boutoux, J.E. Ducret, K. Jakubowska, I. Lantuejoul-Thfoin, C. Nauraye, A. Patriarca, A. Saïd, A. Semsoum, L. Serani, B. Thomas, B. Vauzour
    Calibration of imaging plate detectors to mono-energetic protons in the range 1-200 MeV
    Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 113301 (2017)
  • O. Peyrusse, J.-M. André, P. Jonnard, J. Gaudin
    Modeling of the interaction of an x-ray free-electron laser with large finite samples
    Physical Review E 96, 043205 (2017)
  • S. Petit, O. Kérourédan, R. Devillard, E. Cormier
    Femtosecond versus picosecond laser pulses for fim-free laser bioprinting
    Applied Optics 56, 8648 (2017)
  • G. Orenstein, O. Pedatzur, A. J. Uzan, B. D. Bruner, Y. Mairesse, N. Dudovich
    Isolating strong-field dynamics molecular systems
    Physical Review A 95, 05141 (2017)
  • J. G. Moreau, E. D’Humières, R. Nuter, V. Tikhonchuk
    Stimulated Raman scattering in the relativistic regime in near-critical plasma
    Physical Review E 95, 013208 (2017)
  • D. Giulietti, P. Andreoli, D. Batani, A. Bonasera, D.G. Boutoux, F. Burgy, M. Cipriani, F. Consoli, G. Cristofari, R. De Angelis, G. Di Giorgio, J.E. Ducret, F. Ingenito, K. Jakubowska, C. Verona G. Verona-Rinati
    « Laser-plasma energetic particle production for aneutronic nuclear fusion experiments » Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B (2017)
    Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research 402, 373-375 (2017)
  • R. Géneaux, C. Chappuis, T. Auguste, S. Beaulieu, T. Gorman, F. Lepetit, L. F. DiMauro, T. Ruchon
    Radial index of Laguerre-Gaussian modes in high-order-harmonic generation
    Physical Review A 95, 051801 (2017)
  • W. Gebremichael, Y. Petit, S. Rouzet, A. Fargues, V. Jubera, A. Garcia, P. Veber, M. Velazquez, L. Canioni, I. Manek-Hönninger
    Polarization-dependent angular distribution of the absorption behavior in ytterbium-doped monoclinic LYB and LGB laser crystals
    Optical Engineering 57, 021203 (2017)
  • F. Fraggelakis, G. Mincuzzi, J. Lopez, I. Manek-Hönninger, R. Kling
    Texturing metal surface with MHz ultra-short laser pulses
    Optics Express 25, 18131 (2017)
  • M. Dondera, V. Florescu, H. Bachau
    Stimulated Raman scattering of an ultrashort XUV radiation pulse by a hydrogen atom
    Physical Review A 95, 023417 (2017)
  • G. Cristoforetti, A. Colaïtis, L. Antonelli, S. Atzeni, F.Baffigi, D.Batani, F. Barbato, G. Boutoux, R. Dudzak, P. Koester, E. Krousky, L. Labate, P. Nicolaï, O. Renner, M. Skoric, V. Tikhonchuk, L.A. Gizzi
    Experimental observation of parametric instabilities at laser intensities relevant for Shock Ignition
    Europhysics Letters 117, 3 (2017)
  • A. Casner, C. Mailliet, S. F. Khan, D. Martinez, N. Izumi, D. Kalantar, p. Di Nicola, J. M. Di Nicolas, E. Le Bel, I. Igumenshchev, V. Tikhonchuk, B. A. Remington, L. Masse, V. A. Smalyuk
    Long-duration planar direct-drive hydrodynamics experiments on the NIF
    Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60, 014012 (2017)
  • S. Beaulieu, E. Bloch, L. Barreau, A. Comby, D. Descamps, R. Géneaux, F. Légaré, S. Petit, Y. Mairesse
    Phase-resolved two-dimensional spectroscopy of electronic wave packets by laser-induced XUV free induction decay
    physical Review A 95, 041401 (2017)
  • H. Bachau, M. Dondera, V. Florescu, T. A. Marian
    Stimulated Raman transitions from the metastable 2s state of hydrogen
    Journal of physics B : Atomic. Molecular and Optical Physics 50, 174003 (2017)
  • L. Antonelli, S. Atzeni, A. Schiavi S. D. Baton, E. Brambrink, C. Rousseaux, M. Richetta, D. Batani, P. Forestier-Colleoni, E. Lebel, Y. Maheut, T. Nguyen-Bui, X. Ribeyre, J. Trela
    Laser-driven shock waves studied by X-ray radiography
    Physical Review E 95, 063205 (2017)
  • A. R. Allu, S. Das, S. Som, H. V. R. Maraka, S. Balaji, L. F. Santos, I. Manek-Honninger, V. Jubera, J. M. F. Ferreira
    Dependence of Eu3+ Photoluminescence properties on structural transformations in diopside-based glass-ceramics
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds 699, 856-865 (2017)