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PowerLaPs - Innovative Education & Training in High Power Laser Plasmas

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The Erasmus+ International Training Program "PowerLaPs - Innovative Education & Training in High Power Laser Plasmas" is the result of a partnership between Univ. Bordeaux, the Ecole Polytechnique (both in France), the Univ. Salamanca (Spain), the Tech. Educ. Inst. Crete and the Univ. Ioannina (both in Greece), Queen’s Univ. Belfast (UK), the Univ. York (UK) and Czech Tech. Univ. from Prague.

In collaboration with the Department of International Relations (DRI), we hosted at Univ. Bordeaux 24 students from the partner Universities (including three locals), during a week of January 2018. This group took an intensive course (theory, experiments and numerical simulations) on Plasma Physics. Other sessions followed devoted to Physics and Laser Technology in Belfast in March 2018, Numerical Simulations for Laser Plasma Physics in Prague in January 2019, and Laser-Plasma Diagnostics in Salamanca in March 2019. Every year is concluded by two weeks of course-seminars (summer school format), at TEI Crete, dedicated to the consolidation of the topics concerned during the two corresponding sessions.

The program is funded by the European Commission for a first edition during the academic years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Contacts for this program at the University of Bordeaux are:

For the pedagogical team:

João Jorge Santos

Dimitri Batani

For the DRI:

Laura Tejada Pascual

PowerLaPs web site:

PowerLaPs - Innovative Education & Training in High Power Plasma Laser